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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Lead. House Democratic Candidates Aren’t So Sure.
Anticipating this strategy from the right, Democratic candidates are increasingly opposing her as speaker or refusing to take a stand as an act of political inoculation — a ...

Louise Slaughter, 88, 16-Term Liberal Congresswoman, Is Dead
She was equally persistent as a leader of a yearslong drive for a law to curb the widespread use of antibiotics in healthy cattle, pigs and chickens, a ...

Advice for Democrats After the Victory in Pennsylvania
Photo Supporters of Conor Lamb, a Democrat, reacted to the results coming in during the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district on Tuesday. Credit Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters To ...

Senate Passes Bill Loosening Banking Rules, but Hurdles Remain in the House
Banks with $50 billion of assets are currently considered “systemically important” and are governed by more stringent regulations. The Senate bill raises that threshold to $250 billion, leaving ...

Pennsylvania House Race, in a District Trump Won by 20 Points, Is Too Close to Call
A first-time candidate and former Marine, Mr. Lamb, 33, forced Republicans to pour over $10 million into a southwestern Pennsylvania district where Democrats did not even field a ...

Democrats Can’t Win if They Don’t Run
Photo Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidate in the special House election in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, was going door to door in a Pittsburgh neighborhood last month. Credit Dustin ...

My Union or My President? Dueling Loyalties Mark Pennsylvania Race
Democrats are hoping Mr. Lamb’s kitchen-table campaign will show how they can win back the white working-class voters whose disaffection in 2016 cost Mrs. Clinton the White House. ...

Right-to-Work Laws Have Devastated Unions — and Democrats
Photo A rally in support of unionized employees in Boston last month. Credit Cj Gunther/European Pressphoto Agency Next week’s special congressional election in southwestern Pennsylvania will test whether, ...

Why G.O.P. Is Spending Millions on a Soon-to-Vanish Seat in Trump Country
If Mr. Lamb, a Marine veteran and a former federal prosecutor, defeats State Representative Rick Saccone, a Republican, in a district that the president carried by 20 points, ...

House of Representatives
But a person close to the White House said that the president was itching to impose tariffs, and that Monday’s stock market rebound had reassured Mr. Trump that ...