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When Repeal and Replace Fails, Undermine and Undercut
Photo President Donald Trump, after failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Congress, signed an executive order on Thursday paving the way for cheaper policies with fewer ...

Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge: How the G.O.P. Could Finally Break the Impasse
Why might drilling for oil and gas be allowed there? When Congress established the refuge in 1980, it deferred action on the issue of whether oil and gas ...

End to Health Care Subsidies Puts Congress in a Tight Spot
But Republicans in Congress are divided. Some worry that ending the subsidies would hurt their constituents. Others are loath to do anything that could be seen as propping ...

House Democrats Can’t Impeach Trump, but They’re Willing to Try
Mr. Green’s articles of impeachment have company. Representative Steve Cohen, Democrat of Tennessee, plans to introduce his own impeachment articles in the coming weeks. Brad Sherman, Democrat of ...

Mr. Trump Alone Can Order a Nuclear Strike. Congress Can Change That.
Photo President Trump when asked what he meant when he said, “We’ll see” in response to a question about potentially attacking North Korea over its nuclear tests. Credit ...

After White House Issues Demands, Hopes for an Immigration Deal Dim
On Sunday night, the White House issued a “framework” for an immigration deal that would protect so-called “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. The demands ...

Michael Grimm, New York’s Next Zombie Candidate
Photo Credit Alex Nabaum “Man is the only animal that blushes,” Mark Twain said. “Or needs to,” he added. Some New York politicians are in a separate class: ...

For Republican Leaders in Congress, the Headaches Keep Mounting
“Right now, the Moore-Bannon faction prevails,” Mr. Shelby said. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are making no attempt to mask their fear, predicting that failure to pass a ...

Will Trump Trumpify the Fed?
For more than a decade the Fed chair has been a distinguished academic economist — first Ben Bernanke, then Janet Yellen. You might wonder how such people, who ...

What, Fly Commercial?
Photo Credit Anthony Russo To the Editor: Re “So Much for a Cleaner Washington” (editorial, Sept. 29): On a flight to Washington some years ago, I found myself ...