Live Analysis: Georgia’s Special Election

Live Analysis: Georgia’s Special Election

- in House of Representatives

So, folks, the moment is finally upon us. We’ve reached the end of the most expensive, highest profile, most hyped special election for a single seat in the House of Representatives since … well, since any of us can remember.

Democrats have put up a furious challenge in this red-leaning district, Georgia’s Sixth Congressional, which became vacant when President Trump picked its representative, Tom Price, for his cabinet. A little-known, 30-year-old former congressional aide, Jon Ossoff, electrified Democrats nationwide with his campaign and ended up raising $25 million, mainly from small donors.


National Republicans have spent millions to aid Karen Handel, a former Fulton County commissioner and Georgia secretary of state, who came in second to Ossoff in an open primary in April.

More than anything, the race is seen as a vote of confidence — or lack thereof — in the Trump administration. But there are a lot of themes at play here: Ossoff has run as a centrist Democrat, bucking the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, while Handel has both accepted support from the White House and tried to put some distance between herself and the president.


We’ll be following the results as they come in this evening and picking over what they might tell us about the political state of play for the president, Congress and the looming midterm elections.


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