2016 Psychic Presidential Prediction – You may be shocked!

2016 Psychic Presidential Prediction – You may be shocked!

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***Edited note Dec. 10th 2016 — Danielle here, people. The comment section of this thread has been disabled due to the steep escalation in extremely violent and threatening “arguing” posts between users, toward each other. It’s gotten way, waaaaay out of hand, and I won’t provide a platform for those types of comments toward *any* user on my channel. Clearly, if I was worried about people thinking I was a “fraud”, I wouldn’t continue to leave up the video, which contains far more content than simply a “prediction”. Thanks for your understanding, take a deep breath, and go spread love with all that evergy that would be involved with in-fighting on a YouTube thread xo.***

WARNING: May cause an expansion in awareness. Psychic and Medium Danielle Egnew gets point-blank about the 2016 presidential election and it’s role in the evolution of consciousness — WHY certain candidates are in play, WHAT they each represent, WHO advances into the Presidency, and the MUCH bigger picture of what’s going on, from an energetic, social and spiritual perspective. This is not just about candidates — it’s about consciousness. Be prepared for a wide-angle full-color panoramic view on an issue usually only represented in tiny black and white snapshots!

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