Bill Clinton’s Sexual Escapades

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Escapades

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With great power comes great responsibility.. But for some, that responsibility is grossly misinterpreted. Join us as we have a look at the many women that bill clinton has loved and left behind.

Its well known that bill clinton has had affairs… exactly with who and how many though is the mystery. From claiming that he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, to various porn stars and socialites…

Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way, Monica Lewinsky.
Lewinsky was just a fledgling intern when she began her time in the white house under the jurisdiction of then president bill clinton and soon the pair began becoming closer than they probably should have. Someone took notice.

But before Monica, Bill Clinton was governor.. And when he was governor, there was paula.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones was a state employee in arkansas who claimed that Bill Clinton sexually harassed her and brought a suit against him to prove it. Jones would claim that in 1991, she was lead into Bill Clinton’s room at a high class hotel where he made moves towards her, exposed himself, and sexually harassed her.

But before Paula… there was Jaunita.

Juanita Broaddrick was enjoying a nice life as a nursing home administrator when she met Bill Clinton in 1978. Clinton was campaigning to become governor when the two met and Juanita decided she wanted to help him with his efforts. After deciding to meet at a coffee shop in a little rock hotel, the pair ended up in her room. That’s when she alleged that Clinton forced himself on her, bit her lip, raped her.

But even before Gennifer there was Dolly… and I don’t mean Dolly Parton.

Dolly Kyle had known Clinton from a young age and the two both sought careers in law. However in 1974, things apparently got a little too close for the pair and they began an affair that lasted for a period of 18 years. The two would end up having an impromptu meeting at their high school reunion in 1994 where Clinton and Kyle came to an agreement that she wouldn’t go public, and he wouldn’t destroy her.

Kathleen Willey was an aide in the white house who claims much like Jaunita did, that Clinton sexually assaulted her. According to Willey, the pair had a private meeting in the oval office where Clinton grabbed her, groped her, and forced his hand onto her genitals against her will. As laid out in the Starr report, released by independent investigator kenneth Starr who was hired by then attorney general janet reno to investigate clinton and his abuses, Clinton called her accusations absurd because her breasts were too small and he would never pursue a woman with small breasts.

Bill would move on to become a teacher at the University of Arkansas, where he claims a student came onto him, but she claims he sexually assaulted her by groping her and forcing his hands inside of her blouse. Afterwards, several students would confirm that it happened and more women began to come out about him doing it to them as well.

Arkansas state troopers felt powerless when, during a period in the late 70s up to 1980, they received several complaints from women about Bill and his attempts and successes to force himself onto them.

Carolyn Moffet was a legal secretary who met Clinton in 1979 at a fundraiser. She was escorted to Clinton’s hotel room after an invite by a state trooper. Once inside she found Clinton wearing only his white undershirt where he pointed to his penis and told her to service him orally. When she relented and said she didn’t even do that for her boyfriend, he tried to force her head down onto him and she panicked and escaped the room.

Former Miss America 1982, Elizabeth Ward was first Miss Arkansas and initially claimed she was raped by clinton shortly after winning her state crown. She recently went on record as saying that sex was in fact consensual, but friends in private say it’s just a lie and that she still maintains she was raped… she would go on to pose for Playboy ten years after.

Honorable mentions in the miss arkansas turned Clinton mistress category also go to to:

Sally Perdue who says she had an affair with Clinton sometime prior to 1994.. She was miss Arkansas… in… 1958.

Lencola Sullivan apparently had an affair with Clinton, according to one of his former state trooper body guards. She was Miss Arkansas in 1980.

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