HILLARY CLINTON EXPOSED – The Whole Truth Exposed By Larry Nichols

HILLARY CLINTON EXPOSED – The Whole Truth Exposed By Larry Nichols

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HILLARY CLINTON EXPOSED – The Whole Truth Exposed By Larry Nichols

Larry Nichols is an American known for alleging various in regards to Bill Clinton. He is one of the creators of the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles. According to Larry Nichols, both Bill and Hillary were wild and out of control and both were relentless in their pursuit for money and power. Former Clinton Insider Larry Nichols Vows to Stop Hillary
The New Clinton Chronicles 2015 documents the evil of the Clinton machine Larry Nichols, a former Green Beret, Clinton machine insider who served as the marketing director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, vows to stop the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton at all cost.

“Hillary’s the one,” Nichols tells , “that I promise you… pulls the strings. She pulled them in Arkansas, she pulled them in the White House when she was there as the First Lady, and my god if she gets to be president, what you see out here now is going to change. We thought it changed with Obama, but it’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen with Hillary.”

Nichols says the Hillary email scandal was orchestrated by Team Hillary to portray her as an underdog who is the victim of a vicious political .

“You never want to run as the anointed one,” Nichols explains. “You always want to run as the underdog.” He said the scandal originated with The New York Times, which has operated as a “PR firm for the Clintons” and the newspaper will ultimately flip the story during the general election. “It’s all news to stage Hillary.”

because she has taken all the campaign money. Clinton’s top contributors, according to Open Secrets, hail from the financial class, including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Credit Suisse.

Nichols says the “86 Plan,” devised by the Clinton team in 1986, calls for president Hillary Clinton to install her husband and former president Bill Clinton as UN ambassador and ultimately, through the efforts of the Clinton Foundation, make him the Secretary General of the internationalist organization. Clinton campaign chair John Podesta participates in weird occult rituals The Clinton family has been the dirtiest dynasty in politics of all time. They stand for nothing bu devilish things. Chelsea Clinton – AKA Satan’s spawn – has carried out her own family’s mantra: “more for me, less for you.”

*** She took a private jet from Greenville, South Carolina to Asheville, North Carolina busted

“I obsessively cut up the plastic rings around soda cans so that my trash from Arkansas wouldn’t marine wildlife on the Gulf Coast,” she added.

They say that they are for minorities, yet they degrade them at every turn.

When will we expose the Clinton’s for who they really are?

The liberals are being fooled. That’s why everyone reading this article needs to share, share, and share some more. Let’s expose Chelsea for the daughter of the devil that she is. “Hillary Clinton” Hillary Clinton “Larry Nichols” story future machine elite control power agenda 2017 2018 usa america “united states” information knowledge “radio show” book author foundation law lawyer solicitor politics nyc “new york city” mayor “new york” family wealth wealthy media entertainment trends trending society lifestyle “social media” women woman lady membership “elite nwo agenda” gerald celente trends in the news secret society illuminati skull and bones bilderberg 2017 interview jsnip4 The Clinton BS Files: Who is Chelsea Clinton’s real dad? A mystery spun out of nothing Is Bill Clinton actually Chelsea’s dad? Trump advisor Roger Stone claims a devious conspiracy hides the answer The conspiracy theorists are probably right that the “burly ex-football player” is Hubbell, who was playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks when they defeated Georgia at the Sugar Bowl in 1969. October Surprise that could swing the election against Hillary if it catches fire. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange fears for his life because he’s poised to release devastating roger stone
“Too many people are onto the mainstream media and they correctly identify them with the rotting fetid New World Order,” Stone said. “They know that the media and the two-party duopoly are in bed together, therefore they discount most of what they’re hearing from network television.” Clinton Campaign Panics Over Lack of Volunteers Rebuffed Again – Clinton Speaks To Empty Seats in Charlotte, NC, AME Church… hillary for prison
Once again the MSM hides the reality of a Clinton event targeting the black community, where the audience doesn’t show up to hear her speech The mainstream media will obviously try to gloss over the data dump, but Stone said that the information is so devastating that it will be impossible for the media change the subject or ignore the story altogether.

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