TRUMP VICTORY COMPILATION – SJW, Feminist, Celebrity Meltdowns

TRUMP VICTORY COMPILATION – SJW, Feminist, Celebrity Meltdowns

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ANYWAYS, It happened. We won! We now live in the Age of Daddy! Leftists, of course — even those who aren’t still crying in the shower or looking for a razor blade — remain clueless about what it all signifies and how it happened.
After a few days of celebration, including receiving the Annie Taylor Award for bravery in journalism at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, I’ve realized that many groups both within America and outside her borders need an explanation of how a Trump administration will change the game.

Luckily for everyone, including establishment conservatives who are in the same boat, I’m here to explain what Donald Trump’s election means, now that the dust has settled.

One thing is abundantly clear to most observers: Trump’s promises of change, and his promises to uproot the D.C establishment are much more likely to happen than Obama’s, which held as much water as his promise to have the most transparent administration of all time.

But what will change look like? For those stuck in the denial or anger stages of grief, the crystal balls must look extremely cloudy. Honestly, most pundits’ predictions were so wrong that they should get out of the divination business altogether.

Although President Donald Trump will touch the lives of all Americans during his term in office, there are some groups in particular who will experience karmic rewards. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

In many cities such as Portland, Oregon, violent anti-Trump protests have sprung up. No one is sure to what extent these are organic protests as opposed to paid operations involving Soros-funded buses full of professional malcontents, but it’s not the most pressing question when your city is on fire.

Just when you think the Left has done everything in its power to drive typical American voters to the right, they reach into their bag of tricks and pull out a surprise. The kicker is that for the most part, these protesters don’t even vote.

In the short term, protests are very bad for the communities they affect, regardless of politics. The Hillary-supporting shop owners in Portland are going to have their shops trashed as well as the city’s lone closeted Trump-supporter, who dresses in plaid shirts, wears nose piercings, and talks angrily about legalizing weed. You know, to blend in.

These protests continue to expose the hypocrisy and detachment from reality that runs like a red thread through the liberal establishment in America. Every voice on the Left bleated about how they feared protests and riots by angry Donald Trump supporters if (when) he lost the election, yet it is the leftists themselves destroying property and blocking roads.

What Trump means to the protesters is on one hand the possibility of going straight with a real job, as he revitalizes the private sector of the country and makes it more financially perilous to take social justice degrees in college. Or, on the other hand, going to jail as his administration gives law enforcement its teeth back.

Imagine violent protests during a Trump administration with Sheriff David Clarke or Sheriff Joe Arpaio running the Justice Department. I need a tissue all of a sudden…

I’ve seen video after video of Trump supporters being assaulted merely for attending one of Daddy’s rallies. And we are now in a post-election period in which liberals are faking hate crimes in an effort to paint Trump supporters negatively.

A Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana claimed Trump supporters attacked her. It didn’t happen.

A gay man from Canada named Chris Ball says he was also attacked, and posted graphic pictures with a bloody face as proof. It also didn’t happen, according to the police.

Do you have any idea how poor your hate crime hoax story has to be for an increasingly partisan to say it’s untrue?


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