Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary

Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary

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Why Donald Trump Will SMASH Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is going to beat Hillary Clinton and be the next President of the United States.

Let me be clear. This isn’t a pro-Trump video. I’m not voting for Trump. But after watching hours of footage of both Trump and Hillary, I have seen an incredible pattern that convinced me to bet $1000 of my own money that Trump would be president. Even though I am not voting for him. That’s how confident I am.

Not because I want him to, but because he is head and shoulder above Hillary when it comes to campaigning and you may not have realized why it’s working so well.

So let’s rewind one year to see how Trump got to where he is and how that can show us where he’s going. Because as soon as Trump announced, a lot of people thought it was a joke.

First he was seen as a joke….
Then he started making outlandish statements, dominating the news cycle….
Then he took down his republican rivals one by one, naming them Weak Jeb, Little Marco, and Lyin’ Ted…
And now he has set his sights on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, in the meantime, has demonstrated an ineffective strategy. Her slogan, “Love trumps hate,” has Trump’s name in it. Her talking points typically come back to the fact that she is a woman, which Trump has labeled “playing the woman card.”

It has caused her to slip to the point where she and Trump are at a dead heat in the polls. Some even have him up.

If this continues, it won’t even be close come Election Day in November.

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