Trump's says VP shortlist includes rival who has not yet endorsed him

Trump's says VP shortlist includes rival who has not yet endorsed him

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Donald Trump said in an interview Wednesday that he has narrowed down his search for a running mate to just four or five names, and that the list includes former 2016 rivals.

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics, Trump said among them is one former foe who has not even endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee, but who he predicted will “come over to my side.”

Trump did not offer specific names, although he did say that two of the possible picks are military officials. However, he said he was less likely to pick one “because of the fact that I think I’m going to do well on national security.”

He also ruled out someone with Wall Street experience, saying: “I don’t need that type of ability.”

Former rivals rumored to be being considered include Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. In May, Trump said he was not considering Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for the job.

When asked how he would announce the pick, he said he would keep it under his hat until the convention.

“I’d like to save it, give it the old fashioned way, right?” Trump said. 

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