Source: Reid promoting Warren for VP

Source: Reid promoting Warren for VP

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Harry Reid views Elizabeth Warren as someone who can unite the Democratic Party after the longer-than-expected primary battle. | AP Photo

Harry Reid is quietly promoting Elizabeth Warren as a top pick to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, and the Senate minority leader is already looking into Massachusetts law to see how quickly her Senate seat could be filled if Warren does ascend to the vice presidency, a source close to him said Friday.

Reid views Warren as someone who can unite the Democratic Party after the longer-than-expected primary battle between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the source said. The person confirmed a Boston Globe story that reported Reid was actively researching the state’s special election rules.

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“He thinks Warren is a good choice to unify the party,” the person close to Reid said.

This is a shift of sorts for Reid, who said recently that he would object to Clinton choosing any vice presidential pick from the Senate who represents a state led by a GOP governor who would then choose the person’s replacement. That could create another hurdle for Democrats looking to regain Senate control this fall.

“If we have a Republican governor in any of those states the answer is not only no, but hell no,” Reid said in an MSNBC interview last month. “I would do whatever I can and I think most of my Democratic colleagues here would say the same thing.”

That standard from Reid would appear to eliminate Warren, since Massachusetts is led by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, but also Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. The source close to Reid declined to say whether the senator was looking into similar rules in other states.

Aides to Warren declined to comment.


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